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Report a Repair

You can report a repair to us online by using our Report a Repair Tool.


All contractors will have photographic ID cards and should show their ID before entering your home. Do not be shy in asking to see ID before any of our own staff or contractor’s staff enter your home as we want to avoid any problems with bogus callers.

Emergency Repairs

If you have an emergency repair you should not use the online service instead call our office on 0141 638 0999.

Our telephone system gives tenants the option to report emergency repairs when our office is closed by calling the usual office number 0141 638 0999 and choosing the option which transfers your call to Gas Sure (for gas and heating) or City Building (for all other repairs).  

Alternatively, you can call the contractors directly on the following numbers:

Gas Central Heating/Hot Water Emergencies (GasSure) 01294 468113

All Other Emergency Repairs (City Building) 0800 595595

More information is available on the Repair Category page of what type of repair is classed as an emergency.

Report a